Tire Changeover Maintenance – Guide To Vehicle Care

Moving tire bouncing from a winter landscape into a nice sunny spring area. In the centre there is a the words in large print "Tire Changeover Season"

Tire changeover season has arrived! With the warmer weather melting away our troubles, spring has arrived. It’s time to transition your vehicle like a butterfly out of a cocoon. If you want your automobile working in optimal conditions one of the most crucial aspects of spring vehicle maintenance is swapping out your tires to adapt to the changing temperatures. This is your comprehensive guide to help you navigate this seasonal transition and transform your ride to thrive in this warm weather!

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Understanding Seasonal Tire Maintenance

vehicle with a new tire being placed on it. There is a man's arm holding the tire. Writing is on the left side of the image "Conditions have changed. So should your tires." There is the Titanium Ford logo in the bottom left.

To ensure the safest driving experience you should take special care to understand your tires, especially during a seasonal shift. Ford recommends maintaining your tires year-round to guarantee peak performance and longevity, however, at the minimum during tire changeover season. Proper tire maintenance does it all with enhanced tractions, handling, fuel efficiency and overall stability of your motor vehicle. It is also important to remember that tire changeover is the one great equalizer of the vehicle world with electric vehicles even needing this maintenance done.

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Selecting the Right Tires for Your Ford

Before you start your tire changeover it is important to find the most suitable tires for your vehicle. To find the best tires you must first understand tire markings. If a tire is marked with 235/55R17 you can know that 235 is the width in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. 55 is the aspect ratio which means the height is 55% of the width of the tire. R stands for radial construction which shows the way the tire was made and lastly, 17 is the rim diameter in inches from one end to the other. During tire changeover, you want to be as informed as possible so that you can make the right decision for your vehicle for tire size, tread pattern, and performance ratings.

You can learn more in Ford’s guide on tire sizing, local index, speed rating, and manufacture date here.

Tire Changeover to Spring Tires

As winter makes way for spring, it’s time to bid farewell to your winter tires and welcome the tire changeover season with appropriate tires for milder weather! If you want to shop tires then Titanium Ford has got you covered with our tire finder tool.

Step-by-Step Tire Changeover Process

  1. Assess Your Tires: Start the process by taking a look at the condition of your winter tires. See if there are any signs of wear, damage, or uneven tread that may mean you need replacement or repair.
  2. Check Air Pressure: Make sure that the air pressure in your new spring tires aligns with Ford’s recommendations to stay safe and perform up to your desires.
  3. Inspect Tread Depth: Measure the tread depth for your spring tires to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for safe driving. You see Ford’s recommendation here.
  4. Install Spring Tires: Take care in removing your old winter tires and replace them with the spring tires that you determined were best for your vehicle.
  5. Torque Lug Nuts: Use your torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts but be careful to prevent over or under-tightening.
  6. Perform a Test Drive: After you finish your installation of spring tires, take your vehicle for a test drive to feel for proper alignment, handling, and braking!

Maintaining Tire Health Throughout Spring

Once you have successfully conquered tire changeover season it is a good idea to maintain your new tires! Throughout spring you should regularly check tire pressure, inspect for signs of wear or damage, and rotate your tires to balance out any specific wear. Following these tips should lead to even tread wear on your new spring tires extending their lifespan.

Swapping out your tires for spring is a vital component of proper seasonal vehicle maintenance. Tire changeover season directly impacts your driving experience and safety on the road. By following this guide and additional information directly from Ford you can ensure that your vehicle is in the best shape to conquer any road! If you follow all of these proactive steps then you will have many vibrant adventures that await you this sunny spring! Come down to Titanium Ford at 10025 152nd Street to make your tire journey easier.